from Yesterday's Tomorrow by Starpilot



fibrous entity

slobbering exhaust

pseudosevering centipede

crawling calm

autoerotic autopilot

fortified ventilation

gravity hurl

gracious hobble

red rubble

packaged polin

tricky ozone octaves
in flaps of plinky pinwheels

shadowing schwa

coronary hubcap

muscled hinges

reading glasses with rosy windshield wiper streaks

i trade my necks for these chins

a change to read fortune snacks before devouring their crumble

seven, oh seven

yellow trick houses

fart tank

cheetah train to tyrannica

floor etiquette

flattened pearls

pure magnetic strings

portion controlled headache

soul integer

steak face

rabid eye movement

reel to reel carphone

essence of integration

breaded sandcastle

expressive donkey brow

bakery shells

now you how you know

blackened rinds

mountain climbing orgy

bliss peels

birds destined to disagree

mint shallows by antennal daylight

inch craft

empirical crooning

elephant writes us letters

distant fingerpicking on a palaeozoic mandolin from bleached herd island

speech sentiment incredulous with the doctor’s phasing orders

feeler echoes

centennial belfry

voodoo venture capitalist

low battery slums

wiping off tans

branding bed

intrusion terminal

offered but not taken

offered but denied at doorstepping hour fate

pears and transference

terms of endurance

affirming forms of allegory

sending beardwires through facial ticks

wholesale whoremonger traps breeder curd spawn

alien ankles

painted spores

junction generator
faster than the itch of bites

the smile that spreads like lice


from Yesterday's Tomorrow, released August 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Starpilot Toronto, Ontario

Starpilot is an eclectic and prolific producer / musician with a love for retro analog synth sounds and intense textures that swerve between the spooky and horrifying and the dreamy and psychedelic.

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