Carbonite Kites

from Yesterday's Tomorrow by Starpilot



the grass drippings placed in a glass of sunset bleach
huckleberry sandwich with a cup of sneeze soup
a clean-cut puddle, scrambled pockets and purses
fixing foul foal with freezer burnt contact lenses

ice cube cymbal crashes through a dark duckling tunnel
delicious as ammonia soaked real estate floating in melted milk
premonition renditions of placid mass, a mailtruck mortarboard
capers on creeds shuts down the plumstruck meatpacker

yogurt bath and chorus heatstroke, a wisdom shower
long armed fish give sour screams, with molar power
heavily harmless like practical papercuts and bleeding dimples
condensing feelings from vibrating eyesockets

cottage measles, eager to wheeze
pompom orchards and the dork stencil
heavenly pepper, a map to a tree
a laminated beanstalk, vision squalor


from Yesterday's Tomorrow, released August 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Starpilot Toronto, Ontario

Starpilot is an eclectic and prolific producer / musician with a love for retro analog synth sounds and intense textures that swerve between the spooky and horrifying and the dreamy and psychedelic.

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