Shape of Heart (We Are The Universe)

from Yesterday's Tomorrow by Starpilot



Imagine the universe as an extremely massive sentient being occupying every nook and cranny of time and space. Now imagine that this huge being has trillions upon trillions upon trillions of pairs of eyes, each pair unique in their position in time and space.

You are looking through one of these pairs of eyes. Look through them and what do you see? Yourself! Look a little further and you’ll see another pair of eyes. While unique in their place in time and space, they are eyes of the same massive being.

You are this being and so am I. The great being has so many eyes that it can look directly into it’s own eyes without being aware. In the vast illusion of time and space we forget that we are seeing ourself from an entirely unique position in space and time.

We are the universe, the same universe, separated only by the illusion of time and space.


from Yesterday's Tomorrow, released August 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Starpilot Toronto, Ontario

Starpilot is an eclectic and prolific producer / musician with a love for retro analog synth sounds and intense textures that swerve between the spooky and horrifying and the dreamy and psychedelic.

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