Neoprene Replicon / The Castles of Zypod

from Yesterday's Tomorrow by Starpilot



asphalt apathy standing high behind corndog curtains
sitting on signals transmitted from the antenna stool, turnstyle afterburn
mosquito alphabet, blunt blanket, blister avatar
soft resting floorboards above the car horn junglegym

blueberry satellite market melter, master’s tango and brass jangle
selfish syllabus, whippoorwill emphasis
accented voices sing songs about distant dragonflies
wishing wells with coinslots and animals with cash deposits

leaver it to fever, sunshrine, or anode candle
changing the building tires, intangible structures
force fire, morse wiretap, jugular queen bee
rusty tin salmonella, instruments of desease

edm breath in nightshade fashion visions
bathing in phonograph, a pile of empty shadows
hydrant moth gets caught in a vibrant mob
blinking skies of sharpened hearts

horror happy slide at the haunted water park
plankton misfire, blank misfit, blown silhouette
playing card washing machine, bikini forceps
vinyl gland, pin record light passion, gummy creamed criminals

a dancing mortuary with skinny apples, ripe juvenile
raspberry miracles and a wheel of shells
the forest of clarity, fading nitrous
a bucket of hands, branch empathy, cotton cranberries

sign boulder, peach pawn shop
larval extract, sidewinder theorem
purring telephone booths, electric bliss
whistling fist at an escape key party


from Yesterday's Tomorrow, released August 16, 2013


all rights reserved



Starpilot Toronto, Ontario

Starpilot is an eclectic and prolific producer / musician with a love for retro analog synth sounds and intense textures that swerve between the spooky and horrifying and the dreamy and psychedelic.

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