Pazooka 2000 Cassette

from by Starpilot



this album trilogy is built around the theme of energies. that everything is energy. every thought, every emotion, every action, everything. and part of that concept is about releasing trapped energies. this song is just that, a release of trapped energies.


freeze and fall
say hello
raise my mind

freeze and fall
now i will
lay no bloody blame, take responsibility for my pain
splinter off the core

please stand tall
crystal coal
set a program into motion
flashed upon the drive and transmit

through the ground
through the fall
a mechanism cut to pieces
i put it back to rest for good because i'm too indomitable

i'm too strong
to let those ones
steal me anymore
drop their brand of justice to the floor

justice is
it shouldn't be in the hands of a man
justice is already lovingly built into nature's laws


from Energies I, released December 9, 2012


all rights reserved



Starpilot Toronto, Ontario

Starpilot is an eclectic and prolific producer / musician with a love for retro analog synth sounds and intense textures that swerve between the spooky and horrifying and the dreamy and psychedelic.

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